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Once our equipment is set up we accept no liability for any accidents, personal injuries or loss of property. Please refer to our safety guidelines below to understand any risks associated with our party rentals and ensure that every glamper has a safe experience. 


Your $100 party deposit fee is non-refundable. If in the unforeseen case of an emergency, we must cancel your party date, you will receive a refund of your $100 deposit in addition to any amount already paid toward your party balance. This is the only circumstance in which the deposit is refunded and we will provide notification in the unlikely circumstance that this occurs. 

Your party date is not confirmed until the $100 deposit is made. 

Once the deposit is paid, be mindful that your remaining party balance must be paid in full no less than 7 days prior to your party date. If it is not paid by this time, your party may be subject to cancellation without a refund on any amount paid toward the party, including the initial $100 deposit. 

If one of your party guests cancels within the 24 hours prior to your party set up, please be aware that we do not offer refunds per guest tents for our glampsites. Our set up time is 10 am, unless another time has been communicated and agreed upon with a client. 

 Please use our cancellation policy as a measure to ensure notification to us of any party changes or cancellations as soon as you are able. We understand that life happens, and are always happy to reschedule your party to another date based on our availability calendar at that time. As a small business, we work hard to sanitize, wash, and disinfect all linens and party inventory, then carefully storing and loading it to be delivered in excellent condition to every client. This is in addition to ensuring we are aptly prepared with the inventory for your chosen theme. 


We understand that in stopping the spread of COVID-19, plans must be postponed or canceled. As a small business, we work hard to sanitize, wash, and disinfect all linens and party inventory, then carefully storing and loading it to be delivered in excellent condition. Due to this preparation, we are unable to provide a refund to parties cancelled less than 24 hours before the party date. We are more than happy to reschedule your party to another available date. 


We love seeing how excited kids and their siblings get while we are setting up a rental. With this being said, we ask that you provide direct adult supervision to children under the age of 10 if they will be in the room during the glampsite setup. This is to keep everyone safe as things are moving around! We also ask that you please ensure there any furry friends are not in the party space during set up or pick up. 

We use inflatable air mattresses as beds. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission advises adults to never let a child under the age of 15 months on inflatable air mattresses as doing so poses a risk of suffocation to the infant. Please ensure no children under the age of 15 months are sleeping on the glamping air mattresses. 


We currently accept Venmo and PayPal at this time. As we grow, we are exploring various payment options for clients. Make sure you are following our social media pages to keep up with any updates on payment methods! 

Venmo: @Helen-Tsveer 



Please clear the room you want your glampsite in prior to our arrival. Our team is not responsible to help move furniture to clear the space for your event rental. Please note that our glampsite tents are about three feet wide and house a twin sized air mattress in them. We have a smaller mattress option available for those worried about space, at 62" (between a twin and crib size). This goes for our giant movie screen as well as our party table and other enhancements!

For best safety practices, we ask that you ensure direct supervision to any child under the age of 10 if they will be in the glampsite space during set up. Based on many set ups, we find that the glampsites are most fun when the final product is a surprise!

Please ask each guest to bring a sleepover pillow for additional sanitization purposes (everything we provide is washed and sanitized between parties). 

PETS: We adore our furry friends! We ask that you ensure they are not in the glampsite space during set up or pick up, this is for their safety as we move things around, and for an efficient party set up. Please ensure that the party space is clear of pet hair prior to our arrival! 


We love seeing that the glampsite was fully enjoyed when we come to pick it up the next morning! As a small business, we take additional time and careful measures to guarantee the quality of our rental inventory to every client without having to raise our rental rate. 

We kindly request that you ask guests to refrain from jumping on the glampsite beds. This "rule" is in place to minimize the risk for injury and leave little room for inventory damage to occur! 

We love clients who take our themes to the next level! Please ensure all nail polish, makeup, or other staining products are not handled by guests in the glampsite space. 


Absolutely! We could not think of a more unique gift to give. Please send an email to to purchase a gift card. Please be aware that we are currently only serving the Charleston, South Carolina area.


We understand the many tasks at hand when it comes to hosting a party. This is why we deliver, set up, and pickup every party rental service booked by a client. That being said, we do not currently offer party services such as event coordination or clean up beyond our scope, which includes the quality-ensured delivery, set up, and clean up of our party rental items only.

We are happy to accommodate and plan with clients customization theme requests for a fee up to $40, which goes toward the cost of the new inventory purchased for the request. Many times, our clients request a combination of colors and inventory from different themes we already offer, in which case, a fee is not assessed. Please provide as much detail as possible in your initial booking form request so we can ensure what we deliver meets, if not exceeds, your expectations! 

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